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Wrap Around Lupin Heat Pack

Wrap Around Lupin Heat Pack

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Made in house at HTM

Would you like a heat pack that you can wrap around you securely and actually stays in place?  Look no further!

Filled with Australian grown Lupin grain.  Holds heat longer than wheat and doesn't sweat like wheat does.  Lasts longer before needing replacement.

Corduroy machine washable outer bag.

  • Large Size: 52cm x 20cm  Cotton strap length 56cm with overlapping hook & loop.  Max waist measurement 160cm, min 75cm
  • Small Size:  52cm x 20cm Cotton strap length 43cm with overlapping hook & loop.  Max waist measurement 125cm, min 66cm
  • Inside bag made of Calico - weight 1kg
  • Instructions: Microwave in 1 minute increments depending on your microwave.

Featuring natural, reusable heat packs that are designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed with lupin grain – a proven heating source – this wrap around heat pack is a natural way to ease sore muscles, reduce cramps, and help you relax.

How to choose a design.     

Each design is numbered (choose the image with all the designs on it).  We will endeavour to keep this up to date by crossing off the ones that are unavailable.  Simply tell us in the Design Choice Box when you order, which number(s) you'd like!  Click the image to zoom in. 

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