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Toothbrush Bamboo Adult Plain and Colours

Toothbrush Bamboo Adult Plain and Colours

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Millions of plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill around the world every day.  These bamboo handled brushes are made from sustainable bamboo, which grows fast and close together.

When you’ve finished with your toothbrush you can put it to another use, like cleaning your bike or jewellery. When it’s really done its dash, shave the bristles off and recycle. The handle will break down eventually in compost. 

Why not use your creativity and draw a picture on the handle, or simply write your name?

These soft-bristled toothbrushes have been sourced directly from the manufacturer by Here & There Makers so come in a plain (recycled cardboard) box.

Brush is 18.5cm long, brush head is 2.5cm long, bristles are 1cm high

We also stock a rainbow coloured toothbrush, as well as special child-sized brushes.



  • can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere between 7-30% more effectively than an equivalent area of forest
  • emits up to 30% more oxygen than equivalent areas of trees
  • has the tensile strength of steel
  • needs no pesticides, fertiliser and isn’t routinely irrigated
  • is strong, biodegradable and beautiful
  • is fast growing with some varieties growing up to a meter a day
  • has a yield six times greater than regular trees
  • needs half as much water as regular trees
  • doesn’t need fertilisers or pesticides
  • has no genetically modified variants

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