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Smell Expell 4 in 1 Deodoriser

Smell Expell 4 in 1 Deodoriser

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Euca Smell Expell – 4 in one – Truly unique

Its an Odour Neutraliser, Disinfectant, Deodoriser and Cleaner – Powerful and quick acting

Smell Expell

  • Unique environmental deodoriser absorbs nasty odours
  • Powerful elimination of a variety of malodorous
  • commercial grade cleaner and disinfectant
  • Concentrated formula non-flammable & non-toxic
  • Fresh natural botanical fragrance
  • Does not contain any bleach, caustics or ammonia
  • Safe on all surfaces and ideal for food preparation areas
  • Won’t harm fabrics, glass or plastics
  • Use in air conditioning ducts, Rubbish bins and drains
  • Perfect to use in the Kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilets and sick rooms
  • Use for those pet mishaps and in animal enclosures
  • Removes the smelliest odours
  • Comes in HDPE Bottles  - refundable in-store and refills available

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