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Second Chance

Love Bunting Second Chance

Love Bunting Second Chance

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This bunting says it all.  Bunting is approx 1 metre long.  

Each one is unique, so let us know the number of the pattern/design number you'd like in the Design Options box (or who it's for) and we'll pick it for you.

About Second Chance Bangkok.

A local initiative by residents of Bangkok's largest slum, Klong Toey. They rely on donations of quality second-hand goods.

They make Quality second-hand goods and sell them to residents of Klong Toey community at affordable prices, or pass them on to those who lack the resources to purchase these essential items themselves.

The shop creates employment for many local residents, in the second-hand shop, and through the upcycled project where women with skills in sewing are transforming clothing into beautiful bags and giftwares. 

Be part of the global movement for environmental sustainability and social responsibility!

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