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Lavender Hydrosol Organic


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Status: Organic

INCI name: Lavandula angustifolia

Description: Clear and colourless mobile liquid with an odour typical of lavender

Uses and benefits: Hydrosols are natural waters obtained through the steam distillation of plant materials such as fresh flowers, leaves, peels, stems, roots and other plant materials. Lavender hydrosol in particular is a by-product from the distillation of the herb flowering tops of the Lavandula augustifolia plant. These aromatic, natural waters are less concentrated and are subtler compared to other products like essential oils that are also obtained through steam distillation. 

Often called the “lavender linen water”, this organic lavender hydrosol offers a multitude of uses that has been loved by many. In household applications, it can be used as a general house cleaner. It helps clean your tiles, windows, ledges, and different surfaces. It is also a great air freshener that deodorises your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Similarly, it can even be used as a substitute for distilled water when ironing and fabric conditioner in doing the laundry.

In cosmetic/skincare, this lavender hydrosol can be used as a face toner to help control acne, remove excess dirt, and balance the pH level of your skin. With its gentle and subtle effect on the skin, this lavender hydrosol acts as a perfect ingredient to reduce the viscosity of thick creams and moisturisers.

Amongst its many uses, the lavender hydrosol can also be used as an alternative for keeping your hair looking shiny and healthy, potentially reduce dandruff, and promoting hair growth.

It is recommended to store it in a cool, dark place to prolong its shelf life.

Caution: Lavender hydrosol has several benefits especially to the skin, however, it is advised to execute a skin patch test before applying. For pregnant and lactating women, it is recommended to consult a physician first before using it.