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Kaolin Clay Powder White

Kaolin Clay Powder White

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Known by many different names including White Clay, White Cosmetic Clay, China Clay, Chalk or White Dirt, Kaolin White Clay Powder is found in many skincare and hygiene products because of its innate absorbency abilities. Kaolin is the mildest of the clays and as such is safe to be used on sensitive skin. It is used in everything from deodorants to soaps to facial powders, even car wash products and much more. The clay helps to exfoliate your skin, leaving you with a refreshed and reinvigorated complexion.

Kaolin White Clay is rich in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium, making it the ideal product for oily skin.


  • The high mineral content of Kaolin White Clay can irritate the skin if it’s used more than once a week.
  • Do not store or mix the clay powder in a metal container or with a metal fork. Always use glass, ceramic or wooden products.


Kaolin White Clay is rich in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium

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