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Eco Glitter Jars

Eco Glitter Jars

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Made from a base of sustainably sourced eucalyptus cellulose, Eco Glitter is the safe and smart alternative to traditional plastic glitter. Not to mention super sparkly and cosmetic grade!

  • Jar sizes - come in small and large. 
    • Small jars stand 4cm high and holds approx 8 mls.
    • Large Jars stand 5cm high and holds approx 16 mls.
    • Check the picture below for jars next to a Sharpie pen for relative sizing.


  • Biodegradable
  • Made from a base of sustainably sourced eucalyptus cellulose
  • Cosmetic grade
  • Non toxic, antimony free, cruelty free, suitable for vegans
  • Perfect for kids crafts, playdough, slime and other activities
  • Safe for homemade soaps and bath bombs
  • Gorgeous party favours and Christmas stocking fillers
  • 92% plastic free
  • Cut in a hexagon shape so there are no sharp corners
  • In the natural environment (compost, soil, marine water) Eco Glitter biodegrades into a harmless substance in 28 days

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