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Earth Pen Natural Paper Body

Earth Pen Natural Paper Body

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Each year, Over 2 Billion plastic pens are sold globally, equating to 1000's of tonnes of plastic waste. This waste ends up in landfill, oceans and even our food. We need a compostable solution to our plastic consumption.

Made with recycled kraft paper
85% less plastic than a traditional pen
Compostable & recyclable materials
Manufactured by FSC approved factory
0.7mm ballpoint pen, with non-toxic ink

** Choose from Black, Blue or Red Ink ** 

Why eco-friendly pens?

  • Less plastic, less waste

    Over 2 BILLION disposable pens are sold each year, mostly ending up in landfill as they aren't easily recyclable.

  • The power of paper

    Our pens are made with compostable and easily recyclable materials, which can go in household recycling.

  • Better than plastic

    Our pens will write better and last longer. If you're not happy, you get 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Give back, 10 times

    Your order is entirely carbon neutral, by funding renewable energy projects in developing countries.


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