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Drinking Straw Steel - Various Sizes

Drinking Straw Steel - Various Sizes

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Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are a fantastic alternative to plastic.

Dishwasher safe. Comes in five types/sizes

  • 16cm, 6mm diameter bent (short glasses)
  • 20cm long, 5mm diameter straight (regular glasses)
  • 21.5cm long, 8mm diameter straight (wide, smoothies)
  • 26cm long, 6mm diameter straight (long glasses)
  • 26cm long, 6mm diameter bent (long glasses)

It's a fact that plastic drinking straws are terrible for the environment.  Literally, hundreds of millions of straws are used and disposed of every day, contributing massive amounts to landfill and the deaths of wildlife, especially sea birds.  Do your part by simply refusing to use plastic straws - be deliberate when at restaurants and takeaway outlets, and carry a stainless steel straw with you if you or your kids like to use them.  Be part of the solution!

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