Further Discounts for Remaining stock

Further Discounts for Remaining stock

We are grateful for your support over the years, and we hope that you will continue to shop with us online. For our loyal local customers, we are offering free delivery within a 10km radius of the store for orders over $20. We are also offering free delivery Australia wide for orders over $100.

With local deliveries, we hand deliver them ourselves two or three times per week, and we keep you in the loop with where your order is at all times so you know it's on the way.

We have updated the prices on the vast majority of products, with most items now at 50% off

We have excluded some of the hand made HTM items, and the fluoride Denttabs.  The non-fluoride versions are discounted as they are close to the best before date (but they are still perfectly fine).

We are pleased to continue serving you online, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Here and There Makers

We may pop up at a market or two before Christmas.

    For now, check out our in-stock products - still lots to choose from.

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