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Keep it Lit Candles

Woodwick Candles & Melts - Rose

Woodwick Candles & Melts - Rose

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An all time classic, Rose is warm and often softened with a dash of fresh sweetness. Unique in its character

  • Large (260g) crackling woodwick candle in a transparent white glass vessel.
  • Small (160g) crackling woodwick candle, in a perfect little matt white tin. Perfect for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. These tin candles have little round feet at the bottom to promote air circulation under the candle to prevent burning of any surface when the candle is lit.
  • Wax Melts (40g) - These melts are made to use with tealight or electric oil burners. Unique in its character, melt after melt providing your special space with a fresh inviting aroma. Comes in a calico drawstring bag with instructions.
  • Large Burn time - approx 60 hours
  • Small Burn Time - approx 15-20 hours

Do not burn in excess of 4 hours at one given time as the candle will get too hot and will burn too quickly.

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About Keep it Lit Candles

Our wax is a combination of coconut wax & soy wax providing our customers with a better “hot throw” (how well the fragrance travels in the air when the candle is lit) and “cold throw” (how well the fragrance travels in the air when the candle is not lit). As both waxes individually do 1 or the other, so by blending our wax we provided a unique “best of both worlds” outcome for our customers.

Our fragrances are a blend of both fragrance oils & a small amount of essential oils. There are some fragrances you simply can not replicate with a fragrant oil. However, essential oils deteriorate quickly in a candle and also have a low “flash point” which is a temperature at which something will self-ignite. So by mixing our blends we ultimately give our customers the best of both worlds with our unique blends, safe burning temperatures, and longevity whilst still reaping the benefits of our beloved essential oils.

And of course, our wood wicks, which provide a light to medium crackle. Perfect for quiet nights at home reading a book, having a bath or watching a movie. A mood setter that’s for sure.

The candles can be refilled - When your candle is done, you can bring the empty jar or tin back to us, and Keep it Lit will refill it and make a new candle!



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