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Witch Hazel Extract Bottled

Witch Hazel Extract Bottled

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Botanical name: Hamamelis Virginiana


Witch Hazel extract is a distilled liquid made from dried witch hazel bark, leaves, and relatively dormant twigs. It is suitable for oily and dry mature skin and is comprised of 86% aqueous witch hazel extract and 14% alcohol which acts as a preservative.


Witch hazel oil has established itself due to its amazing skin benefits. It has several advantages, including:

  • Cleanses excess oil: Witch hazel extract helps remove oil residue on your skin and cleans your pores. You can place the oil on a cotton pad and apply it to your face after washing it.
  • Great for mature skin: The skin begins to droop and loses suppleness as you age. Although nothing will permanently reduce the size of your pores, applying witch hazel can make them appear smaller. It makes your skin appear smooth and supple.
  • Treats spots: Witch hazel oil aids in treating spots due to acne, thanks to its qualities. It works as an astringent and helps decrease pores. It may also help lessen the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads. This fabulous extract utilised in many homemade and over-the-counter acne products is particularly beneficial to people with oily skin. You can apply it straight to your face after cleansing or steaming.


A very versatile product with over 30 known uses, Witch Hazel Extract is used for a multitude of conditions which all make it such a valuable and widely used product. It is a great addition to your skincare formulation. Some of the uses of witch hazel extract include:

  • Toner:Witch hazel extract as a facial toner cleanses the skin from dirt or remaining makeup residue and helps balance oil. You can apply it to your skin with a cotton pad or cotton ball.
  • Cleanser:This extract is perfect as a facial cleanser ingredient because it contributes antioxidant, and soothing properties.
  • Acne treatment:Witch hazel oil aids in unclogging pores, soothes the skin, and balance skin oil. Also, it is used to reduce the appearance of acne blemishes.
  • Moisturiser:The natural extract provides soothing, and antioxidant properties to moisturising products, making them a full package.
  • Other uses:Not only is it useful for skincare products, but it can be utilised in other ways. It can be used to clean a dog's ears and for tick removal. It is also functional as a household cleaner with lemon juice and baking soda, as a jewellery cleaner, and so much more!

Precautions: Although this is a natural extract, you should always be cautious and consult your dermatologist to avoid any skin irritations.


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