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Vitamin E Oil


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Our natural Vitamin E Oil is an odourless material with a medium to dark brown colour. It’s commonly used in various lotions, creams and soap making recipes as vitamin E is popular for its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce facial lines and promote healthy skin and hair.

Our vitamin E oil contains 95% mixed tocopherols (T-95) (of alpha, beta, gamma and delta) which makes it an effective natural antioxidant with properties that slow down the rate at which vegetable oils go rancid, and as such, is often added to products to prolong their life.

This oil is a non-GMO product and is palm-free.

Ingredients: Mixed tocopherols (D-alpha tocopherol <20%, D-beta tocopherol <10%, D-gamma tocopherol 47.5~70%, D-delta tocopherol 9.5~30%), Fatty acid glyceride.