Viola “Johnny Jump Up” Heirloom Seeds
Viola “Johnny Jump Up” Heirloom Seeds

Viola “Johnny Jump Up” Heirloom Seeds

The Little Veggie Patch

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Growing no taller than 15-20cm in height, the flowers seems to bloom almost endlessly in our forgiving Australian climate. Johnny Jump Up provide an excellent border of colour to the domestic garden and presents a tempting offering of delights not just for the home gardener, but also the array of beneficial insects it attracts.

Approx 30 seeds per pack.

When to Plant

Zone 1: January-March + September-November

Zone 2: January–May +  September-November

Zone 3: February-November

Zone 4: March-October

Spacing: 15cm         

Depth: 5mm

Flowering Season: Year round in temperate climates     

Position: Partial to full sun. Doesn’t mind a little cover when conditions are hot.

Soil: Free Draining with plenty of compost

How to Plant: Can be planted directly into the Spring garden or alternatively raise the seeds indoors or in a mini greenhouse 6-8 weeks before the last frost.

Companion Plants: Sage, Cabbage & Eggplant

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