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Tote Bag Six Pockets Organic Cotton

Tote Bag Six Pockets Organic Cotton

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This large market bag made from GOTS certified organic cotton is our favourite to bring with us to the shops.

Six open bottom pockets inside can hold jars and containers making it the perfect bag for bulk food shopping.

The huge carrying capacity makes it very versatile, not only can you fit a lot of shopping inside, it can also be used for weekends away, gym gear, picnics and anything else that needs a lot of space.

A long strap makes it a lot easier and comfortable to carry than normal shopping bags, even when full.

  • GOTS Certified organic cotton.
  • Long ergonomic carrying strap.
  • Huge carrying capacity.
  • Stylish and looks great with any outfit.
  • Bag is approx 41cm wide by 31cm high (not including handles)
What is GOTS organic certified?

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the golden seal of approval for sustainable and ethically processed fabric. It is the highest level of certification issued to confirm that the farming and production of the fabric was sustainable, organic and ethical.

What are the requirements for cotton to receive GOTS certification?

Some of the requirements assessed include:
  • Hazardous pesticides and insecticides must be avoided during cultivation.
  • The soil must be nurtured and treated properly so that growing on the land is sustainable.
  • Once farmed, the plant fibre must not be treated with toxic chemicals (bleach, formaldehyde, etc) or coloured with toxic dyes.
  • All workers must receive fair wages, have good working conditions and are treated fairly without discrimination in accordance with the International Labour Organization (run by the United Nations)
For these reasons we always aim to provide GOTS certified products in our store as it helps us move forward to a more sustainable future for everyone.
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