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The Rabbit Who Ate Too Many Carrots

Jacqueline Leung

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By Jacqueline Leung

Rabbits love carrots. Right? Eddie, Hamish's pet rabbit sure does. That is all he will eat. But is this a healthy Rabbit diet? Will he ever get sick of carrots? When all the carrots are gone, Eddie is determined to find some for himself. And so, he steals them from the garden. Filled up on carrots, he's far from content. Is it possible for a rabbit to eat too many carrots?

Do you know what rabbits should eat? What makes up a healthy diet for our furry little friends? The Rabbit Who Ate Too Many Carrots educates families about how to care for their rabbit's health. Through humour and storytelling, Jacqueline Leung raises awareness about the responsibility of bringing a pet rabbit home to stay. A fun and educational story for any children's library.

  •  Paperback | 34 pages
  •  216 x 216 x 2mm | 104g
  •  10 Sep 2019
  •  Jacqueline Leung
  •  English
  •  9780648451150