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Sodium Percarbonate (Oxygen Bleach)


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As an oxidizing agent, sodium percarbonate is an ingredient in a number of home and laundry cleaning products, including non-chlorine bleach products such as Oxyper, OxiClean, Tide laundry detergent, and Vanish. Many commercial products mix a percentage of sodium percarbonate with sodium carbonate.

Also, called Oxygen Bleach, it is better for your health and the environment compared to chlorine bleach.

You still need to take care when using oxygen bleach, such as avoiding contact with eyes, wearing gloves if your skin is sensitive, not inhaling it, and keeping it out of reach of children.

Sodium percarbonate is an eco-friendly chemical which decomposes into oxygen, water and natural soda ash when it contacts with water making it biodegradable and septic safe (though it is not grey water safe due to the high salt content)

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