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Robyn's Soap Block - Goat's Milk

Robyns Soap

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This combination of oils gives a luxurious lather. Goat's milk contains amino acids, proteins and Vitamin A which makes it more nourishing to the skin than soap made with water.

110 grams

Ingredients: Saponified Australian olive oil, coconut oil and sustainable palm oil,  natural glycerine (which forms in the soap when it is made), Goat's milk.

About Robyn's Soap House:

Robyn's Soap House is a family business where the owners Robyn Green and her husband, Penry Green, take great care in producing by hand, good quality soap that is wholesome, natural and feels great on the skin.  

"We make our soaps with locally grown and processed olive oil to condition your skin, a little coconut oil for lather and a little sustainable, segregated palm to keep the soap hard and long-lasting.   We also make 100% Olive Oil soap, 100% Coconut Oil soap,  Goatsmilk soap and new to the range is a luxurious Camel's milk soap. We aim to make soap to suit everyone's needs, including babies, those with dry skin conditions and the elderly."

Soaps are handmade, in small batches. The natural glycerine which is a by-product of the soapmaking process is retained in the soap, producing a luxurious quality product.