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Keep Cup Original Peach

Keep Cup Original Peach

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Take your own coffee to work or take to a coffee shop and don't use the disposable coffee cups provided but this lovely bright reusable cup. Even better, encourage your coffee shop to offer a price reduction if you use this and not a disposable coffee cup and help people make the change to non disposable products. Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene which is BPA/ BPS free. 

Complete with a hard lid, a large drinking hole and a plug to cover the mouthpiece when not in use

  • Barista standard
  • Lightweight and unbreakable
  • Larger drinking hole for an enhanced drinking experience
  • Hard lid with a plug to cover the mouthpiece
  • Splash proof seal
  • Made from recyclable material which is BPA/ BPS free and non toxic
  • Dishwasher safe on the top shelf
  • Can be taken apart for a thorough clean
  • Made in Australia


Cup Polypropylene #5
  Californian Shrimp (170C)
Band Silicone #7
  Chalk (9100C)
Lid Polypropylene alloy #7
  Silver Brown (WG11C)
Plug LDPE #4
  Pashmak Pink (706C)
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