Green Cleaning Workshop with Tina from Big Blue Cosmetica

Green Cleaning Workshop with Tina from Big Blue Cosmetica


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Learn to make your own zero waste cleaning products (that actually work!) to blitz the whole house. Made with 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients, grey-water safe and safe for sensitive skin. In this 2 hour workshop lead by Tina, a chemistry major and DIY green cleaning enthusiast you'll learn how easy it is to make:

  • Multi-purpose washing liquid for laundry and dishes which smells amazing and is great for sensitive skin
  • Aloe vera based sanitizer spray for the whole family
  • All-purpose degreaser spray for kitchen and bathroom
  • Dishwashing tablets that double as toilet bombs!
  • You'll come away not only with this small but mighty range of home-cleaning goods, but a more thorough understanding of the ingredients within them, how they work so well and how you can repeat these quick, easy and super cost-effective recipes at home.
All materials provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own clean empty bottles (you'll need 1 x ~1L bottle and 1 x ~500mL spray bottle) and ice cube tray - to fill with the products we'll be making together. If you don't have empties or an ice cube tray to fill, that's no drama either - both will be provided.