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Cleaning Vinegar Bottles

Cleaning Vinegar Bottles

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Cleaning Vinegar is a non-toxic cleaning alternative sourced from natural ingredients. Vinegar is known for its slightly acidic nature, and is thus perfect for removing rust, scale and other impurities from the surface of smooth materials. It works best diluted in water. Another great use for Cleaning Vinegar is as a weed killer. Vinegar is a great natural way of cleaning without harsh chemicals. Do not use Vinegar on Granite, marble, and soapstone countertops or Aluminium surfaces. Always use diluted on surface such as wood, grout or stone and check on an inconspicuous area first. Never mix vinegar with hydrogen peroxide into the same container. This can create a toxic gas called peracetic acid. See the following article for more helpful information:

Comes in 500ml or a 1ltr HDPE Bottle - bottles are refundable on return.

We also have optional spray nozzles and pumps for the bottles


20% Acetic Acid

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