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Christmas Re-Cracker 4 Day Rental

Christmas Re-Cracker 4 Day Rental

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Now you can rent them!

$25 for 4 days/3 nights ($50 Security deposit refundable upon return) 

Rentable in December, January and July!

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Introducing Waste Free Celebrations' incredible patent-pending Christmas Re-Crackers™.

Each Re-cracker™ is 30cm long and crafted with our selected Christmas fabrics so you can find the best fit for your home and Christmas theme.

  • A set of 8 empty reusable, fabric Christmas crackers.
  • 6 Different designs
  • 8 Reusable Cotton Crowns
  • Patented Re-Cracker design functions as a traditional cracker.
  • Stored in a beautiful presentation box.
  • 100% cotton sleeve sewn in New Zealand.
  • We supply a set of snaps with your crackers.
  • Our Re-Crackers arrive with our Crowns and are ready to fill with your own treats 

All the fun of snapping the crackers and wearing the silly hat without the waste!

They will snap apart just like a regular cracker, and give the same experience as traditional Christmas Crackers. Re-load each year with the crowns and your own fillers for decades of reuse.

They're heavy-duty so if a heavy tray of roast potatoes is put on top, they won't break; and they're machine-washable if someone drops them in the gravy. Did someone say genius?

Reusable Cotton Crowns

Our crowns are high-quality wadded cotton with velcro fastening to fit any size head. They are machine washable and in a variety of plain colours -- perfect to reuse for kids' parties!

 * If your return date is a day we're not open don't worry, just bring them in the next business day

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