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Castile Soap Liquid

Castile Soap Liquid

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This liquid soap has a very luxurious feel on the skin, made from Australian Olive oil,  a little Coconut oil (to give it lather) and a little Castor oil (lather and clarity).  It is particularly useful for people constantly washing their hands. Can also be used for washing dishes, woollens and can be poured onto a sponge and used in the shower. Is suitable for babies. It has no ingredients other than those listed below. 

Ideal for refilling the bottles you have previously purchased from us or for dispensing from your own bottles. 

To scent this soap just add 10 ml of your favourite essential oil or fragrance to the litre of liquid soap and give it a good shake.

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Saponified Australian olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil.  Natural glycerine (which forms in the soap when it is made).

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