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Block Dock

Block Dock Soap Holder

Block Dock Soap Holder

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With the Block Dock it's easy to ditch single-use plastic bottles and make the switch to solid bars. Every bar will dry faster and last longer. No mush!

Block Dock

Do well by your planet and be rewarded yourself all from one simple decision: choose and use the Block Dock and bars.

Think of the plastic waste you can spare from production - never pollution if never made. Add in the water savings – absent from bars yet largely filling shampoo and liquid soap bottles. Realise your financial savings awaiting - longer-lasting bars mean you buy fewer of them. A soap dish that works means less time bathroom cleaning. Saving time, money and mess? A perfect trifecta!

Made well in New Zealand from aluminium, this hardwearing storage solution will deliver years of soap-saving. Whichever brand of bar you buy and for whatever purpose, the Block Dock makes using it better.

Ready to never suffer soggy soap again? Get a Block Dock. The question now is “which colour?” 


* We ship the Block Docks with natural rubber (black) suction cups

The 60mm natural rubber suction cup is solid and strong and once it suctions will hold super tight. It cannot be described as delicate, but it does its job very well.

It is best suited to glass, stainless steel and shower acrylic - because it may leave a mark on release (which you can remove with cream cleanser). It would pay to release and re-suck regularly to care for the surface beneath. Do not use this super-strong sucker on a more delicate surface. Your Block Dock will stick a little further out from the wall than with pvc, and the black colour is definitely more noticeable. It's the best option we can find for #plasticfree.

This suction cup has a different shaped head to the pvc. Use a slide and twist motion to get it through the Block Dock's keyhole. Then wet its back and place where you want it - push very firmly on the suction cup's flat head toward the wall. Once it's attached, if you want, rock the Block Dock downward until the flat head is near the top of the keyhole. A bit of lather will help with the movement. It works perfectly fine sitting lower also. When you want to remove it from the surface, just pull the wee tab on the suction cup or pick at the edge and break the suction. To remove the suction cup from the Block Dock you'll find it easily pops out from the top of the round part of the keyhole when you use a peeling motion with your thumb. The trick is to relax while you do it!

Click here for installation and Care Instructions (links to Block Dock website)


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