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Aluminium Bottle (Lotion Pump) 500ml

Aluminium Bottle (Lotion Pump) 500ml

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 Suitable for many projects, our Aluminium bottles are:   

  • BPA-free
  • Food-safe
  • 100% recyclable and refillable
  • Suitable for diluted essential oils

These applicators and pumps are supplied with a standard length dip tube. Please cut according to your requirements.

500ml Aluminium Bottle Specifications:

Material Aluminium
Bottle dimensions  66 (D) x 190 (H) mm
Neck size 24/410
Max label height 130 mm
Max label width 210 mm
Lotion pump style L Lock-down head w/ribbed wall
Lotion pump dosage 2 ml (+/- 0.3 ml)
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