There's More in Store

We have products in the store that are tricky to sell online, however we are adding as much as we can here so check back with us.  

Some products are custom or random designs, some are individuals, so we'd encourage you to visit if you are in the area.

139 Boronia Road, Boronia Victoria. -  Hours

Some of the other items we have in store:

Greeting Card, Gift Cards, Gift Tags and Gift Bags.

Handmade by Fold and Thread and Here and There Makers


Greeting cards

A range of products from 

Second Chance Bangkok

A local initiative by residents of Bangkok's largest slum, Klong Toey. They rely on donations of quality second-hand goods.

Bags, journal covers, Totes, backpacks, all beautifully upcycled.

We do sell a limited range online, check it out here.



Refills - bring back your clean jars and bottles and we can refill them - find out more.

Bulk Refills
Recycle items you normally can't through Terracycle.


Terracycle Drop Offs





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