Store Move Update - Click and Collect

Store Move Update - Click and Collect

Hi Everyone,

Well the last two weeks have been quite busy with moving but we're in and now in the process of sorting everything out, doing signage, electrical and plumbing work.  

We can now do click and collect again for locals, but until our new signs arrive we may be tricky to find so here's a guide!

We are now in Boronia Mall, upstairs next to the Veterans' Op Shop.  Boronia Mall is in Dorset Square (50 Chandler Road Boronia) adjacent to Kmart and Coles.

The Mall is very dated and is now considered "retro" - but we believe we can help to revitalise it and bring something special to the place.

We've actually rented two stores next to each other (Shops 21 & 22), and will be occupying both.  Stay tuned for some exciting news about our new Workshop Hub!

If you come in the main entrance at the front (past the bakery) here's what you see and where we are.  Once our signs go up we'll be unmissable!

We're rapidly taking shape and really look forward to opening again as soon as we're able under COVID rules.  With the local travel limit increasing to 15kms we hope to see more lovely locals able to drop by again.

For our loyal remote customers (we love you), we will continue to get our orders out the door as quickly as possible.  

We hope to be here for a long time to come and we'll have a bunch of new products coming in time for Christmas.  

Thank you all for the encouragement and support over the year so far.  A new chapter begins!

I'll post an update again once we've got the place looking ship-shape.

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