Selling "tricky things" on-line - a simple solution

Selling "tricky things" on-line - a simple solution

One of the challenges we've always faced as a business that has a shop and a website is that some of our items change often, are unique, hand made or "one-off".  

We've never really put these things online before because we know it can be really hard to "guess" what a design may look like, especially if it's a gift for someone.  To create a unique on-line code for every single design would not be manageable, so we needed a simple method, even if not perfect.

Solution: a low-tech photo grid!

Photo grid

How does it work?

Simple - we're taking pics of all the uniquely designed products that change over time.  We'll keep these photos updated, even "crossing off" ones that sell out in the photos as we go.  Each item is numbered, so you simply tell us in the order notes (which are easy to add during the checkout process), which number you'd like.  Whenever we add new designs, we'll add another photo, or take away the ones that we no longer have.

Of course, if there's something you can't find online yet, please contact us and we can generate a custom emailed invoice for something that's not yet on-line.

We now have a good number of dry refills here for ordering.  We ship them out in home compostable bags, so no worries about plastic waste.

We're steadily adding new items and we're hopefully not far away from being able to ship liquid refills in reusable, returnable zip lock containers.

A big thank you to our ever-loyal customers, you have been amazing, thanks for bearing with us during this difficult time, and stay safe and well.

- Michelle.

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