How Refills Work at HTM

How Refills Work at HTM

Hi Everyone,

Now that we're open again in our Boronia location all the lovely locals that come in can again get their refills of our many raw ingredients and cleaning products.

Thank you also to our many loyal online customers who have continued to purchase from afar and we have seen a good take up of raw ingredients since we put a bunch of them online.

Pharmacy BottleWe've tried to keep things as simple as possible for obtaining refills, so we introduced a basic container deposit scheme a little while ago.

Here's how it works:

  • You buy a pre-filled jar or bottle of something in-store or online.  All our prefilled prices online and in-store now include the container cost (usually $2 or $3 depending on the size)
  • When empty, you bring it back to us (or send it back if you're keen) and we discount the value of that container against your next purchase (a bit like swapping a gas bottle), or we can just refund the container cost to you.
  • If you bring your own container, that's fine, you only pay for the product and not the container, we'll fill it up while you're there (just might take a little longer).
Doing this, we hope to keep our glass and PET bottles in circulation for as long as possible.  All returned containers are sanitised and washed for re-use.

We hope to see you real soon - just remember the Physical Distancing is to be observed in our store at all times.  We do have hand cleaner available, and when we're not serving you, we're probably cleaning something :-)

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