Christmas is coming....

Christmas is coming....

Christmas is the most wasteful time of the year. From unwanted gifts, wrapping & packaging, single use plastics in decorations, crackers etc and food waste. Christmas can damage our environment and our finances but it doesn't have to!

Christmas Waste

At HTM we have a terrific range of gift ideas and Christmas items, such as hand made bunting, Bristlebrush Christmas decorations, puzzles, fair trade baby and toddler toys and games, and a fabulous range of greeting cards just to name a few.

Our advice around choosing gifts

Choose useful and thoughtful. Up to a third of Christmas gifts are unwanted or disliked. That is very sad and can create a massive amount of waste much of which will end up in landfill. What are the most unwanted gifts? Novelty items (think silly mug, t-shirt, squishy thing) top the list. Really it comes down to knowing what the person you are gifting to needs, wants and likes. If in doubt ask or do money or gift vouchers (try and find businesses that do vouchers without the plastic card).


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