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  1. FEEPOD Additional Capsule (FOR CAFFITALY® /K-FEE®)
    Additional capsule for FeePod K-fee® & Caffitaly® compatible capsules. ^Scoop and Paper Filters not included. Coffee grounds not included.
  2. Ballerina Doll White
    Dressed in a gorgeous white tutu and with a very friendly smile, our ballerina doll is as pretty as a picture. Perfect for encouraging your child in imaginative play and storytelling. All Pebble products are made in Bangladesh by the extremely talented and capable artisans at Hathay Bunano ps. We love their workmanship...
  3. Moose Rattle
    Pebble products are made entirely by hand with natural materials and as such there will be slight variations in size, colour and design in line with the unique nature of this product. Materials: 100% cotton with 100% polyester fill. This toy has a rattle. Size: length approx. 34cm, width approx. 13cm...
  4. Soap Swisher Stainless Steel
    Remember our grandparents/great grandparents had these as a staple tool at the kitchen sink.Lasts a lifetime and made from stainless steel. Our dish soap fits perfectly in these or soap scraps.Swish in your wash-up water to create soapy water, take out and hang to drain and dry.
  5. Once Upon a Time Fairy
    Hours of playtime with his little girl, beautifully crafted with her fairy wings and her favourite dress. In this mulberry colour, this doll will be your child's constant companion. Pebble products are made entirely by hand with natural materials and as such there will be slight variations in size, colour...
  6. Clothes Pegs 20 Stainless Steel Ever Eco
    A weather-proof and waste-free alternative to plastic pegs. FABULOUS FEATURES > Premium 316 marine grade stainless steel Rust resistant and suitable for coastal areas Strong 2mm stainless steel ensures they stand the test in windy conditions or when hanging heavier items such as towels and blankets Each peg is 59mm in...
  7. Stainless Drinking Cups 4 Pack
    Say goodbye to toxic plastic cups and breakable glasses! Our stackable stainless steel drinking cups are a practical and durable alternative, perfect for both kids and adults. Ideal for picnics, camping, festivals, travelling and at home. Made from premium grade 188 stainless steel Stylish brushed exterior Electropolished interior that won’t retain...
  8. Safety Razor Matte Black - Ever Eco (Includes 10 Blades)
    Say goodbye to plastic waste and expensive blade refills! And hello to our simple and sleek solution for plastic-free, low-waste shaving. Enjoy a close, gentle shave without contributing to landfill. FABULOUS FEATURES > Reusable, plastic-free safety razor Includes 10 replacement blades The eco friendly way to shave- no plastic parts or...
  9. Bear Doll
    A beautifully knitted bear that will become a favourite companion in no time. Almost 40cm tall, this little girl is beautifully detailed and definitely one of the best sellers in our range. Pebble products are made entirely by hand with natural materials and as such there will be slight variations in size,...
  10. FEEPOD One Starter Pack (FOR CAFFITALY® /K-FEE®)
    FeePod K-fee® & Caffitaly® compatible* capsules help you to reduce your kitchen waste, enjoy your choice of coffee and save you cash! Fact: Plastic pods take more than 500 years to breakdown in landfill, releasing harmful gasses in the process. Eco-friendly and economical, FeePod allows you to reduce your costs...
  11. Backyard Poultry Naturally Third Edition
    Description Perfect as micro-livestock for the edible backyard, the popularity of poultry is not surprising. However, good information about natural poultry care can be hard to come by – but this book has it all! Now in its 3rd edition, Backyard Poultry- Naturally has become the bible for the chemical-free...
  12. Use it All - The Cornersmith Guide to a More Sustainable Kitchen
    A kitchen skills handbook to buy less, waste less, save money and make more with what you’ve got by the original waste warriors. Buy less, buy whole, use it all This practical handbook is an invitation to reduce food waste while eating generously. It’s a book for people juggling real life and...
  13. Milkwood
    Real skills for down-to-earth living - Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar This beautifully presented book gives readers the nitty-gritty guide for five diverse ways to nourish ourselves from stewarding nature’s abundance.’David Holmgren, co-originator of Permaculture ‘This book may change your life and your community.’Costa Georgiadis ‘Finally, the ultimate self-reliance manual from...
  14. Block Dock Soap Holder
    With the Block Dock it's easy to ditch single-use plastic bottles and make the switch to solid bars. Every bar will dry faster and last longer. No mush! Do well by your planet and be rewarded yourself all from one simple decision: choose and use the Block Dock and bars....
  15. Moroccan Spice - Reclaimed Wine Bottle Soy Wax Candle
    Let your senses run wild as they are transported to the exotic souks of Morocco. A rich and fragrant blend of alluring spices, sticky honey and bergamot all mix together to create this sweetly-spiced, adventurous scent. Woody base notes of agar wood and sandalwood give this candle an earthy depth. FEATURES:...
  16. Large Squirrel
    This funky, larger-sized, soft-toy squirrel, is both cuddly and lovable. Hand-crochet in 100% cotton yarn, and fully machine washable, its colourful stripes and friendly smile will make for hours of fun and cuddles! Sure to become a favourite at bedtime, and a perfect choice for those with big hearts. Approx 40cm tall
  17. Rose Pepper & Blackmint - Reclaimed Wine Bottle Soy Wax Candle
    Create a natural spa experience in the comfort of your own home. The calming middles notes of Ylang Ylang will make you feel calm and relaxed. A combination of traditional rose and lavender fragrances with hints of modern black pepper and aniseed produces a scent that is wonderfully layered and multi-dimensional. Some scent...
  18. Bunting Second Chance Christmas
    Re-usable Merry Christmas banners are made in bright Christmas colours paired with denim to make them stand out in any setting. Easy to hang loops at each end ensure decorating your space is simple and fun! Says, "Merry Christmas"!Measurement: "M" to "S" length 2M 15cm, Total length, 3M 10cm Comes...
  19. Violet & Frosted Berries - Reclaimed Wine Bottle Soy Wax Candle
    Tantalise the senses with an indulgent blend of forest berries paired with rich notes of jasmine and French lilac. The deep mix of boysenberry, raspberry, strawberry, violet and vanilla creates a decadent scent that smells good enough to eat.Some scent notes you may detect from this sumptuous and deluxe candle: Raspberry,...
  20. Dust Pan - Stainless Steel Redecker
    Made from stainless steel and featuring an oiled wooden handle for longevity. A handy leather strap makes the pan easy to store. Handmade in Germany. Size 45cm x22cm Why not pair it with one of our dustpan brushes? Also available in powder-coated white