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  1. Coffee Cup 310ml Cheeki
    Double walled and vacuum insulated these grab and run coffee cups are built for busy lives. This cup will fit in car and buggy drink holders. An easy to use, flip-up lid which is spill-proof and easy to drink from. The double wall means they are cool to touch on...
  2. Bottle Stainless 500ml Non Insulated
    This perfect throw-around 500ml single wall bottle is great for school bags, gym bags or hand bags. Always there when you need it and small enough to fit most car drink holders or back pack side pockets. Product Features This product comes with a Cheeki Lifetime Warranty.These bottles are totally leak...
  3. Hair Ties - KOOSHOO Organic
    The first and only plastic-free hair ties in the world! These plastic-free, super-comfortable, long-lasting hair ties are our best selling product for good reason. As ponytail holders, they excel in thick hair and are built to withstand constant daily use. The certified organic cotton and natural rubber combine to comfortably...
  4. Dental Lace Floss
    Dental Lace is a refillable dental floss and 99% zero waste product. A glass container with a stainless-steel cap holds floss that is 100% Mulberry silk. The refill bags are certified compostable and the boxes are 100% post-consumer paperboard. The container can be re-used, the bags composted, the boxes recycled and the floss...
  5. Portable Telescopic Drinking Straws Stainless Steel with Case and Cleaner
    These super cool telescopic straws come in range of coloured cases and are just so handy! Each one comes in a metal case with screw-on lid, carabiner-style clip, straw cleaner and stainless steel telescopic straw. Perfect for a handbag, belt loop or pocket. Food-grade Stainless Steel Straws Telescopic Front Size: 235mm Straw...
  6. Beeswax Wraps - 3 Pack
    Here and There Makers Beeswax Wraps, made locally in Melbourne. Use just like plastic wrap, only wash in cold water and re-use. Don't microwave it! Also not recommended for use with meat and dairy products. Three packs come in two sizes: Small - 20cm x 20cm Medium - 30cm x 30cm We also have...
    From $15.00
  7. Bread Bag Cotton PUL Lined 32cm x 45cm
    Reusable bread storage bags made from organic cotton in various designs. Hand made here at HTM! Use them for storage or shopping. Lined with moisture-resistant PUL inside. Measures 32cm wide x 45cm long with a neat tie at the top. Bag can be used in the fridge. Allows the bread to breathe....
  8. Pencil Rolls Hand Made
    HTM Hand made Pencil Rolls, pencils included! Each roll is 30cm x40cm and has 15 pencils. Comes with a neat string to keep the roll in place when not in use. *designs can change so check with us if unsure. Made with love by the wonderful volunteers at Here & There...
  9. Warbotanicals Avocado Moisturiser 120g
    Warbotanicals Avocado Moisturiser 120g Very rich cream with the addition of Avocado oil. The choice of essential oils make it especially suitable for hormonally-challenged skin. INGREDIENTS: Avocado Oil, Essential Oils of Violet Leaf, Clary Sage & Geranium in a Vegetable Oil base.This product is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans We have...
  10. Warbotanicals Calendula and Aloe Moisturiser 120g
    Warbotanicals Calendula and Aloe Moisturiser 120g A must for your first aid kit. Great for cuts, grazes and burns. Also ideal as a moisturiser for sensitive skin. INGREDIENTS: Organic Calendula Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Lavender Essential Oil in a vegetable oil base.This product is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Refills Available - bring...
  11. Reusable Produce Bags 8 Pack + Storage Pouch
    Essential for a zero waste lifestyle and those aiming to cut down their single-use plastic consumption. Reusable produce bags replace plastic produce bags at the store or market. Made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET) Lightweight yet super strong transparent mesh fabric Extra large bags measure 30 x 35cm Perfect for fruit, vegetables,...
  12. Razor Blade Disposal Bank - Metal
    The container holds up to 50 blades which could take months to fill! Dispose of your blades safety in the all-metal razor blade bank. Either recycle the whole bank once filled or empty the blades out and reused the bank. Simple to use and easy to store in a draw or...
  13. Dust Pan - White Redecker
    Made from powder-coated stainless steel and featuring an oiled wooden handle for longevity. A handy leather strap makes the pan easy to store. Handmade in Germany. Size 45cm x22cm Why not pair it with one of our dustpan brushes?
  14. Shaving Brush - Grumpy Rhino Synthetic Bristle
    Grumpy Rhino Bamboo Handle Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush Bamboo handle Synthetic Bristle
  15. Bottle Brush Eco Max Premium
    The ONLY Natural Bottle Brush to fit narrow neck water bottles. Long, flexible bristles to clean all corners of your drink bottle Made from natural coconut fibre Naturally anti-bacterial = no smells or mould Galvanised wire to prevent rust 41 cm long Plastic-free, Fair Trade, Vegan, Biodegradable Sustainably sourced Alstonia timber...
  16. Agreena 3 in 1 Wraps
    The Agreena Wrap Pack contains 4 silicone wraps 2 small (20cm x 20cm) & 2 large (30cm x 30cm) plus instructions for use and care. Details: Never buy cling film, aluminium foil or baking paper again! Keeps food fresher for longer Declutters your drawers (no more boxes or rolls) Seal bowls airtight Can be used...
  17. Cutlery Rolls - HTM
    They hold a stainless steel straw, knife, fork, spoon and come with a matching napkin. Plus when opened up it can be used as a placemat. Pop one in your handbag, school bag, glove box, briefcase or picnic basket. Give the flick to single-use plastic cutlery & straws with style. Be fancy! Makes...
    From $15.00
  18. Essential Oils 15ml - Pure
    High Quality, Pure Essential Oils bottled by Here and There Makers in store. We source locally from quality suppliers in the large bulk bottles and carefully bottle in our workshop. We stock these in store as they are used in products we make such as toothpowder and deodorant balm. Also...
    From $7.00
  19. Bread Roll Bag Cotton PUL Lined 28cm x 37cm
    Reusable bread storage bags made from organic cotton and lined with waterproof PUL. Hand made here at HTM!Use them for storage or shopping. Designed a slightly different shape to regular bread bags, more suited to a pack of bread rolls.Measures approx 28cm wide x 37cm long with a neat tie at the top. Bag...
  20. Dead Sea Bath Salt
    The Dead Sea has a salt concentration around ten times greater than ocean water. Add these genuine Dead Sea Bath Salts to your next bath and soak the day away. Add 2- 4 cups to a very warm but not excessively hot bath (excessively hot water may inhibit mineral absorption). Soak for a minimum...
    From $6.50


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