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  1. Tea Red Velvet Loose Leaf
    From the deep heart of South Africa prepare yourself for the smooth and sweet sensation of Red Velvet with the natural sweet essence of Madagascan vanilla it's not hard to see why this is our most popular rooibos blend. 100G Box Character: A deep red colour and sweet notes of Vanilla...
  2. Tea Café Breakfast Loose Leaf
    Intensely rich and satisfying, a combination of a dark velvety black tea with robust flavour and the distinctly exotic aroma of natural Madagascan vanilla pieces. 100G Box Character: A bright and coppery brew with a soft flavour with an unmistakable note of vanilla. Ingredients: Black tea and vanilla pieces and oils Origin: Sri Lanka,...
  3. Tea Masala Chai Loose Leaf
    From the first sip Masala Chai will invoke images of the sights, sounds and smells of an Indian spice market. As the chai spices reveal themselves you will be warmed through and the taste is fantastic whether drunk straight or brewed as a creamy chai latte. 100G Box Character: A superb mix...
  4. Tea Organic Turmeric Sunshine Loose Leaf
    Organic Turmeric Sunshine A blissful daydream, our sweet turmeric tea has the fruity taste of juicy orange, succulent apple, tangy rosehip and fragrant spices ginger, pepper and cinnamon. The earthy flavour of the turmeric is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the fruity ingredients. 100G Box Character: A soft yellow cup with...
  5. Tea French Earl Grey Loose Leaf
    Ooh la la, prepare to fall in love with the exceptional blend of flavours found in this delightful French twist on an Old English classic and be transported to a Parisian café on a mild Autumn morning overlooking the river Seine. 100G Box Character: A heavenly tea with a gentle floral sweetness combined with...