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Items 1-18 of 18
  1. Bubble Tea Straws Stainless
    Stainless steel drinking straws with a slanted tip end 215x12mm Extra Wide Straight Reusable Bubble Tea Drinking Straws in 5 Colours Limited stock!
  2. Matcha Powder Organic
    Matcha is a powdered form of green tea, used traditionally in Japan. Matcha is used to colour and flavour a variety of products; for example, matcha lattes & green tea ice cream. Green tea is well known for its many health benefits. It is high in a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which...
    From $6.00
  3. Facial Exfoliating Cream - Blemished Skin
    Our in-house blended Blemished Skin Facial Exfoliating Cream is ideal for acne-prone or oily skin. With bamboo powder to gently remove dead skin cells, activated charcoal and Kaolin powder to draw toxins from the skin, jojoba oil to balance sebum production, essential oils of lavender and tea tree to fight...
    From $6.70
  4. Sock Hanger Stainless Steel
    Bet you didn't know you needed one of these? But you do! Socks are pesky things to hang on the line, you can use heaps of pegs! We have the solution - this nifty sock hanger has 30 hanging clips and a bar at each end you can hang things (like tea...
  5. Straw Cleaning Brush Each
    Straw Cleaning Brush Great for cleaning Steel Drinking Straws and hard-to-reach places. Perfectly matched to our steel straws. Usually, it's hard to find these cleaners individually and we have them at a great value price. These cleaning brushes are suitable for straws up to 8mm for the smaller brush and up...
  6. Kusudama Origami Flowers Workshop
    Join Shellie for a relaxing and mindful afternoon creating Kusudama Origami Flowers using upcycled books, papers, buttons and more. Kusudama in Japanese translates as medicine ball. Kasdama were traditionally made using real flowers and herbs to hold incense or potpourri. Decorative Kusudama are made with paper or fabric origami units and...
  7. Felted Cookie Cutter Christmas Decorations
    Learn the basics of dry needle felting with this beginners' felting workshop with Shellie. Using cookie cutters you will create adorable felted decorations. Shellie Blackwood is a local maker with experience in a broad range of arts and crafts. She has developed her creative skills over many years and enjoys making and...
  8. Essential Oils 15ml - Pure
    High Quality, Pure Essential Oils bottled by Here and There Makers in store. We source locally from quality suppliers in the large bulk bottles and carefully bottle in our workshop. We stock these in-store as they are used in products we make such as toothpowder and deodorant balm along with...
    From $6.50
  9. Essential Oils 10ml - Pure
    High Quality, Pure Essential Oils bottled by Here and There Makers in store. We source locally from quality suppliers in the large bulk bottles and carefully bottle in our workshop. We stock these in-store as they are used in products we make such as toothpowder and deodorant balm along with...
    From $5.00
  10. Shaving Stand and Bowl Stainless Steel
    This handy stainless steel stand and bowl set is ideal for holding your shaving brush and shaving cream, gel or soap. Enables you to store your shaving brush bristles downward instead of up on its end. The holder is used for fixing and storing the shaving brush helping it to...
  11. Moroccan Argan Oil Bottles Pure Deodorised
    TREAT YOUR HAIR AND SKIN TO THE BENEFITS OF ARGAN OIL Botanical name: Argania spinosa Status: Virgin organic Method of extraction: Cold-pressed, deodorised Argan oil comes from the sandy deposits of the South Western part of Morocco and is made from the nuts of Argania spinosa tree. The nuts are...
    From $5.00
  12. Beetroot Powder Organic
    Beetroot powder is a powerful superfood full of vitamins, minerals, and special substances from its pigment to support health across the entire body and is low in calories. It can be mixed with water to create juice, added to smoothies, sauces, or baked goods. It can also be used to add...
    From $4.50
  13. Matching Pairs Memory Game
    10 Sets of fabric picture tiles to play a memory matching game.Hand made in-house by Here & There Makers. Will help teach your little ones valuable memory skills while having fun.Each piece is made with multi-layered material so the squares are tough and retain their shape. Comes with a handy storage pouch...
  14. Beginners Learn to Crochet
    Join experienced crochet and knitting tutor Susan to get you started on your crochet journey. Maximum of four students per class for more personalised teaching. You will learn basic stitches and begin making a lovely cotton dishcloth / washcloth. All equipment and materials provided that you can take home with you. Susan...
  15. Lavender Hydrosol Organic
    Status: Organic INCI name: Lavandula angustifolia Description: Clear and colourless mobile liquid with an odour typical of lavender Uses and benefits: Hydrosols are natural waters obtained through the steam distillation of plant materials such as fresh flowers, leaves, peels, stems, roots and other plant materials. Lavender hydrosol in particular is...
    From $6.50
  16. Roman Chamomile Floral Water
    INCI name: Anthemis Nobilis Flower Water Appearance: Clear to slightly hazy, colourless to pale yellow, mobile liquid with a characteristic, sweet, floral odour reminiscent of chamomile. Description: Our Roman chamomile floral water is a by-product of the steam distillation process that is commonly used to extract the essence of Roman chamomile flowers....
    From $6.00
  17. Witch Hazel Extract Bottled
    Botanical name: Hamamelis Virginiana WHAT IS WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT? Witch Hazel extract is a distilled liquid made from dried witch hazel bark, leaves, and relatively dormant twigs. It is suitable for oily and dry mature skin and is comprised of 86% aqueous witch hazel extract and 14% alcohol which acts as...
    From $5.00
  18. Everybody Deodorant Balm
    All natural deodorant balm, hand made in-house by Here & There Makers. Free of harsh chemicals and metals often found in deodorants. The best part? Bring your jars back and we can refill them, saving you even more! We can teach you how to make it, too! With Patchouli &...
    From $5.00