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Items 1-20 of 61
  1. Make & Play Natural DIY Recipes for Kids
    By Krissy Ballinger, author of Naturally InspiredKIDS! Who’s ready to have fun and turn boring afternoons into hours of entertainment with recipes for natural DIY goodies like lip balm, bath bombs, puffy paint, chalk and goop, all while respecting our beautiful planet, and themselves? You are? YES – let’s go!...
  2. You Can Change the World- The Kids' Guide to a Better Planet
    Shortlisted, ABIA Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year, 2020Shortlisted, Australian Book Design Award – Best Designed Children’s Non-Fiction Illustrated Book, 2020Shortlisted, The Environment Award for Children’s Literature, 2020Kids are on a mission to make our Earth a better, safer, happier place, and you can join in!Every day, we see a problem we...
  3. Foraging with Kids - 52 Wild and Free Edibles to Enjoy with Your Children
    A fun, informative and practical introduction to safely foraging with kids, from the UK's bestselling foraging author.In today’s world of increasingly sedentary lifestyles and a growing detachment from the food that we eat, it has never been more important to encourage children to put down their screens, get outside and engage with...
  4. Recycle and Remake - Creative Projects for Eco Kids
    An incredible creative project book about the importance - and fun! - of recycling.Kids are on a mission to save the Earth! Recycle and Remake is the hands-on, practical guide you need to get started.This gentle, but empowering book is full of creative making activities, information, and ideas that give young eco-warriors (like...
  5. Plantastic! A to Z of Australian Plants
    Did you know that there are plants that eat insects? Plants whose seeds spread in poo? Plants that move when you touch them? And plants that grow on other plants?Plantastic! presents 26 of Australia's most unique and incredible native plants. Discover and identify native plants found in your local park,...
  6. Hope: 50 Ways to Help Out Planet Every Day
    Did you know your food travels an average of 4000 kilometres to get to you? Have you ever wondered where exactly ‘away’ is when you throw something away? Or what happens to the 3 billion drink cans Australians go through in a year?Think you can’t do anything about climate change? Have HOPE!...
  7. The Mess That We Made
    Age range 5 to 9Young readers will learn how trash affects marine life and be inspired to make a difference.The Mess That We Made explores the environmental impact of trash and plastic on the ocean and marine life, and it inspires kids to do their part to combat pollution. Simple, rhythmic wording...
  8. We Are the Gardeners
    In the #1 New York Times bestseller We Are the Gardeners, Joanna Gaines and the kids chronicle the adventures of starting their own family garden. From their failed endeavors, obstacles to overcome (bunnies that eat everything), and all of the knowledge they gain along the way, the Gaines family shares...
  9. A-Z of Australian Animals
    A beautifully illustrated anthology of 26 of Australia's most fascinating animals from CBCA Honour Book author/illustrator Jennifer Cossins. From the award-winning creator of A-Z OF ENDANGERED ANIMALS comes a stunning non-fiction picture book for children with a love of animals and a thirst for all things encyclopaedic. This exquisite full-colour picture book is packed...
  10. The Little Veggie Patch Co. (New Edition)
    After years of helping clients grow fruit and vegetables, the Little Veggie Patch Co. crew believe anyone can grow their own food, in most any area in Australia. And in this bestselling easy-to-use guide they show you how simple it is!Fundamentals such as Soil, Climate, Watering, Composting, Worm Farms, Saving...
  11. Shapes at the Party
    A books of shapes by Kat Macleod Share your favourite shapes with little ones in this board book for babies and toddlers. Collect all the fun introductions to ABCs, 123s, colours and shapes in the Kat Macleod Early Learners set.Learn shapes of all sorts as you get ready for the big...
  12. Colours in the Garden
    A Book of Colours by Kat MacLeod Explore the joys of different colours in this board book for babies and toddlers. Collect all the fun introductions to ABCs, 123s, colours and shapes in the Kat Macleod Early Learners set.Discover your colours in an adventure through the garden, meeting bugs, leaves and...
  13. ABC Fruit Salad
    An alphabet book by Kat MacLeod Learn ABCs with colour and ease in this board book for babies and toddlers. Collect all the fun introductions to ABCs, 123s, colours and shapes in the Kat Macleod Early Learners set.Explore the ABCs in a colourful journey of knobbly quince, spiky jackfruit, and more...
  14. Alfie Outdoors
    A brand new Alfie book celebrating the outside world from master storyteller Shirley HughesAlfie gets out and about in the garden with Dad, in this glorious book about growing, playing and sharing.Seeds are planted; the carrots are going to be a gift for a special friend of Alfie's. But there are suprises in...
  15. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth Hardcover
    Well, hello. And welcome to this Planet. We call it Earth.Our world can be a bewildering place, especially if you’ve only just got here. Your head will be filled with questions, so let’s explore what makes our planet and how we live on it.From land and sky, to people and time,...
  16. A-Z of Endangered Animals
    By Jennifer CossinsThis beautifully illustrated full-colour picture book is packed with interesting facts and is perfect for young conservationists and students with a keen interest in the world around us. On this journey through the alphabet, you will encounter some of the world’s most beautiful, rare and endangered animals, from the...
  17. The Lorax (Yellow Back Book Edition)
    The Lorax is the original eco warrior and his message still rings loud today in this fable about the dangers of destroying our forests, told in the trademark rhyme of the irrepressible Dr. Seuss. “Mister! He said with a sawdusty sneeze, I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.” The Lorax is...
  18. This Small Blue Dot
    A little girl explores all of the funny, strange, and wonderful things that make living on Earth so special in this beautifully illustrated children’s story. With a strong message of hope, interconnectedness, and empowerment, This Small Blue Dot features a little girl explaining the world to her baby sister. She hits on small...
  19. Wandi
    By Favel Parett A young cub is snatched from his family and home by a giant eagle, then dropped, injured and alone, in a suburban garden. This is where he meets his first Human, and begins his long journey to becoming the most famous dingo in the world. He will never see his...
  20. The Big Book of Birds
    The newest book in Yuval Zommer’s highly popular ‘Big Book’ series introduces young children to some of the world’s most colourful, magnificent, silly and surprising feathered creatures.Why is a flamingo pink? Can a parrot talk? Is a bald eagle really bald?This follow-up to the hugely successful The Big Book of Bugs, The Big...